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Podcasts are booming. Smart businesses are realizing that this exciting medium is an essential part of their content strategy, reinforcing relationships, building an audience, and educating the market in ways that the old channels cannot., powered by GM Voices, is helping businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes and types tell a better story in the marketplace with professional podcasting services, both voice/audio production and creative. Have a concept or brand? Let’s get podcasting!

Who We Serve


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What We Provide


  • Intros/Outros
  • Commercials/Breaks
  • Special Segments
  • Voice Actors
  • International Languages

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  • Podcast Editing
  • Podcast Segment Mixing
  • “Album Art”
  • Promo Graphics


  • Equipment/Setup Assistance
  • Technical Coaching
  • Concept/Content Coaching

Why a Podcast Anyway?

Rapport and Intimacy

Build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your audience. Podcasts humanize brands, hosts, professionals and guests. Communicate with stories that resonate and drive action.

Entertaining and Educational

Whether you’re making your listeners smile, think, laugh or learn (or all of the above), a podcast is a better vehicle for engaging and informing your audience.

Targeted and On-Demand

Broadcast? Maybe. Narrowcast? Most certainly! Drill down into your core demographic and make it easy for listeners to access your content any time, anywhere.

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