is an affiliate of GM Voices, Inc., an audio solutions company founded in 1985. GM Voices and its subsidiaries specialize in voice-over, audio and multimedia for businesses technologies like automated phone systems (Interactive Voice Response, speech recognition, on-hold messaging, automated attendant), in-car applications (GPS, telematics), e-learning content, mobile apps, and audiobooks. is based in GM Voices’ headquarters in Alpharetta, GA (45 minutes north of the Atlanta airport), an 18,000-square-foot audio production facility with three on-site recording studios, isolation booths, and eight voice editing suites.

No matter what the channel or market, GM Voices helps companies, brands and individuals tell their story with credibility, professionalism and impact; currently, GM Voices offers voice recordings and translation in more than 100 languages and dialects, with 900+ voice actors contracted all over the world. leverages a finely-tuned service organization to deliver world-class voice, creative and post-production solutions for content producers of all types. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster with a large audience, or a subject expert in the podcast concept stage, enhance your production value, add flair to your segments, and better engage your listenership with


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