Recording your own podcast is a pretty easy process. We’ve outlined some great starter components on our equipment page. But if you have specific equipment or recording space plans, or communication or connection logistics to navigate, is happy to advise you. For example, we’re well-versed in microphones (and quality tiers), outfitting home recording studio spaces, and establishing connections with caller interviews over ISDN, Skype, phone patch, or however you’re linking up with co-hosts, guests or contributors.


Now that you have your equipment, you may need a primer on how to use it for the best results. Whether it’s recording hardware, editing software, or something else entirely, we should be able to get your started on a quality podcast with minimal technical hiccups.


Having trouble getting over the creative hump? is available to discuss your concept or content strategy and overall podcast program flow, and offer suggestions on how to make your production as lively, informative and engaging as possible.