A podcast may be simply produced as a single person speaking into a microphone, but why keep your content so dry? Business-Podcasting.com, through its professional recording expertise, creative bonafides, and extensive voice talent roster, elevates podcasts with unique voice-over segments that enliven any program. Creatively, the sky’s the limit, and we make concepts come alive with a suite of professional podcast add-ons.


Establish your brand and set a precedent for top-quality production with a custom-recorded podcast introduction. Business-Podcasting.com works with you to develop copy that best describes your podcast, entices continued listenership, and resonates with your target audiences. Our intros can be created in several distinct styles to meet your needs and budget. Listen to samples now.


Promote related products, services, events and endeavors with short, transitional commercial segments. In a position to monetize your podcast? Let Business-Podcasting.com professionally record audio spots promoting your sponsors or partners. If kept short, creative and engaging, commercials won’t cause your listeners to tune out, and in fact, will lend an air of legitimacy and authority to your content.


Enhance your speaking segments with professionally-recorded character interludes and informational or entertainment spots. Use these segments strategically to keep your program fresh, and let Business-Podcasting.com mix them into your podcast to sound absolutely seamless.


Leveraging GM Voices’ expansive voice talent, choose the voice that best complements your podcasts in all professionally-recorded spots: intro, commercials, and specially-produced segments.


Is your podcast serving an international language market? Is your podcast itself going to be produced in an international language? Business-Podcasting.com offers all its professional recording services in the language of your choice.